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Crystal Meanings


Peach Selenite

A perfect stone for transformation and evolution of the soul. This stone  radiates light and healing energy. It assists in karmic clearing & releases any old trauma or past pain you still hold onto. It protects your energy field and reminds you of your innate light frequency that is available to you at all times. Use this stone to connect to your spirit and higher self in order to heal and free your human self of anything that no longer serves you. Peach Selenite is the perfect stone for enhancing your consciousness, boosting your self-esteem, and clearing & revitalizing your energy body.


Rose Quartz

A stone of pure unconditional love. Rose quartz opens and softens the heart while increasing compassion for all that exists on all levels. This energy is potent and heals emotional wounds from the self & others. This energy assists you in allowing forgiveness into your heart & allows healing to take place in your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self in regards to love.



Instantly raises your vibrations with its powerful joyous energy. This stone increases abundance on all levels & helps you attract more of what you want in your life. It increases your creativity flow & drive and motivates you to take on new ventures and roles that better serve your life’s purpose. There is no place for negative energy when you have your citrine stone on you, as it rids any lower vibrational frequencies from your being. It’s high vibrational energy assists you in releasing any fears, depression, & anxiety. Citrine is one of the most revitalizing & energizing stones.


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